Odisha General Knowledge Question and Answer

Odisha GK General Knowledge Question and Answer:

If you are looking for General Knowledge Question and Answer about about Odisha, then you are in  right place here. You will find here GK general question and Answer on Oridsha’s geography, Odisha’s History, Odisha’s Political etc. This GK Question Question and Answer help you to prepare for all competitive exams like UPSC, PSC, Quiz, Intelligence Bureau, ibps, bank clerk, RRB and Postal assistant etc.

1. What is the capital of Orissa ?
Answer: Bhuvaneshwar

2. Which is the state animal of Odisha ?
Answer: Elephant, Sambar

3. Which Indian state is known as “Soul of India” ?
Answer: Orissa

4. Which Indian state was known as Kalinga in ancient age ?
Answer: Odisha

5. Which Indian state was known as Utkala in ancient age ?
Answer: Odisha

6. Which Indian state was known as Udra desh in ancient age ?
Answer: Odisha

7. What is the name of classical dance of Orissa ?
Answer: Odissi

8. Which dance is known as Sculpture in Motion ?
Answer: Odissi

9. What is the former capital of Orissa ?
Answer: Cuttack

10. Which is the first state to privatize the production and distribution of electricity in India ?
Answer: Odisha

11. Which Indian state has highest percentage of poverty rate in India ?
Answer: Orissa

12. Which is the first state to eradicate Malaria in India ?
Answer: Odisha

13. Who is the first chief minister of Orissa ?
Answer: Harekrushna Mahatab

14. Who is the present chief minister of Orissa ?
Answer: Naveen Patnaik

15. When was Odisha established?
Answer: 1 April 1936.

16. Largest city of Odisha?
Answer: Bhubaneswar

17. How many Districts in Odisha?
Answer: 30.

18. Who is the Governor of Odisha?
Ans- S.C. Jamir

19. What is the official language of Odisha State?
Answer:  Odia, English.

20. Which state is west of Odisha?
Answer: Chhattisgarh.

21. Which state is North of Odisha?
Answer. Jharkhand.

22. Which state is South of Odisha?

Answer: Andhra Pradesh.

23. What is the state bird of Odisha?
Answer: Indian roller.

24.  What is the state tree of Odisha?
Answer: Banyan.

25. What is the state Flower of Odisha?
Answer: Lotus.

26. What is the first capital of Odisha?
Answer: Cuttak(1936-1948)

27: Number of Gram Panchyats in_______to increase by 500 to 600.
Ans- Odisha.

28: Which of the following villages has become the first one to be 100% soler power villege in Odisha State?
Answer: Baripatha.

29: What is the area of Odisha?
Answer: 60,160 sq mi.

30: Which is the highest point in Odisha?
Answer: Mahendra Hill.

31. Which is the largest lake in Odisha?
Answer:  Chilka Lake.

32: In Ancient times, Odisha was known by the name of___.
Ans- Kalinga.

33: The Jagannath Puri Temple was built in the year?
Answer: 1161.

34. Who wrote the book Gita Govinda?
Answer: Jayadeva.

35. The famous war of Kalinga was fought in the year?
Answer: 261 BC.

36. In which year Huen tsang vists Odisha?
Answer: 630.

37.  Which ruler started the construction of Konark Sun Temple?
Answer:  Rajaraja.

38.  Who was the creator of the dhumpa sangita?
Answer:  Baladev Rath.

40. Which is the first daily newspaper of Odisha?
Answer: Dainika Asha.

41. The first Oriya Magazine ‘Bodha Dayini’ was published from?
Answer:  Cuttack.

44. The Konark Sun Temple was included in the World Heritage Site status in the year?
Answer:  1984.

45. Which poet is known as the Kabi Samrata?
Answer:  Upendra Bhanja.

46. Who is the longest served Chief minister in Odisha?
Answer:  Naveen Patnaik.

47. In which year the first Oriya Magazine “JNANARUNA” was published___.
Answer:  1849.

48. Which is the Largest district in Odisha by area?
Answer: Mayurbhanj.

49. The first Oriya movie “Sita Bibaha” was released in the year?
Answer: 1936.

50. Who was the editor of Utkal Dipika Published in 1866?
Answer: Gouri Shankar Roy.

51. Who was the last independent ruler of the medical kingdom of Odisha?
Answer: Mukundadeva.

52. The hot water spring arti is located in____.
Answer:  Khurda District.

53. When was the super cyclone held in Odisha state?
Ans- 1999.

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