General Knowledge(GK) Question and Answer on West Bengal Literacy,History, Geography.

General Knowledge(GK) Question and Answer on West Bengal Literacy, History, Geography.

* UNESCO’s world heritage site ‘ Darjeeling Himalayan Railway’ lies in the state of India- West Bengal.

* Kolkata the Capital of West Bengal is situated on the bank of the river-  Hooghly.

* The Nizamat Imambara built in 1847 AD one of India’s largest Imambara located at- Pandua in Malda District.

* Battle of Plassey was fought in the year of- 1757.

* Gautam Buddha was born in- Kapilavastu, Nepal.

* The capital of Pallava situated at- Kanchipuram.

* The third largest city in India- Kolkata(West Bengal).

*Chattagram warehouse of former Bengal was captured in the year of- 18th April 1930.

* Sandakafu is the tallest peak of West Bengal is situated in the state of India- West Bengal.

Indian Museum a heritage site of India is located in the state of – West Bengal.

* Two names of Hindu King of Bengal during the Mughal Period- Raja Pratapaditya and Raja Sitaram Roy.

* The name of last Independent Nawab of Bengal who was defeated by British India- Mir Qasim.

* The name of Bengal first Independent King who reigned in early 7th Century- Shashanka.

* The Adina mosque was built during the reign of the sultan of Bengal Sultanate- Sikandar Shah of Ilyas.

* The year 1857 is famous in West Bengal history- In Indian history, the battle of independence was first fought in the state of  West Bengal in this year.

* The father of Indian Renaissance is- Raja Rammohan Roy.

* The Calcutta University was established- 24th Jan year 1857.

* The first battle of Panipat was fought in the year of – 1528.

* The main founder of the Pala Dynasty- Gopala.

* The name of Bengali Person who founded ” Brahma Samaj” in the year 1828- Raja Rammohan Roy.

* First Bengali newspaper ‘SamacharDarpan was first published in the year – 1818.

* The founder of Gadar Party- Lala Hardayal.

* Dynasty Harsha to cevardhana belongs to- Pushyabhuti.

* The Permanent Settlement system was introduced in Bengal in the year- 1793.

* The height of the Martyer’s Monument in West Bengal- 52 Meter.

* The first woman of India to climb Everest- Bachendri Paul.

* The first Indian Woman to go to space- Kalpana Chawla.

* The literacy rate in West Bengal – 77.08%

* The rank of West Bengal in term of literacy rate in India- According to census 2011 West Bengal ranks 13th amongst all states and union territories of India in terms of literacy rate.

* The district of West Bengal ranks first on literacy rate- Purba Medinipur.

*The district ranks 2nd on literacy rate in west Bengal- Kolkata(87.14%).

* The district ranking third in term of literacy rate in West Bengal- North 24 Paraganas.

* The symbol of West Bengal state flower- Night lowering Jasmine.

* The Symbol of West Bengal state animal- Fishing cat.

* The name of West Bengal state bird-  White throat Kingfisher.

* The symbol of West Bengal state tree- Devil Tree.

* The present chief justice of India- T.S Thakur.

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